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Posted by Junebug126 , 04 October 2013 · 203 views

I'm still feeling angry today. Today is worse that yesterday. I was reading over my blog from yesterday and had these thoughts going through my mind.
When you, as a parent, find your child in the back of her closet and she's rocking and banging her head on the wall, you might try talking to either the child or a doctor about what's happening in the mind of your child.
When you see that your child is not asleep after putting them to bed 3-4 hours prior, there might be a problem.
When you hear your child in the middle of the night and find them rocking and bouncing in the bed and not sleeping, there could be a problem.
When your child cries every time they are around certain people, investigate.
If you find your child asleep at the foot of your bed every morning. Don't punish them, investigate. Or at least ask them why.
If you find your child in the bathtub asleep with the light on and the door locked, ask some questions. At this point and after all these clues, try someone other than the child.
When your four year old consistently tells you she has vaginal pain, find a doctor.
When your child who is six can tell YOU what having sex is, find out why.
When your twelve year old tells you that grandpa is molesting her, believe her.
WHne she tells you, hug her.
Tell her she's never going to have to see them again and MEAN it.
When your child tells you they were messed with, find out how much.
When your child tells you about 1 molester, ask if there are others.
When you find out your child is molested, don't tell her to keep it a secret.
Don't tell her that dad will go to prison if you tell him about Grandpa because he'll kill grandpa.
If your child tells you they were molested, don't leave it up to them to tell the other parent, be an adult and take charge and handle it.
If your child tells you someone molested them, confront that person.
If your child tells you someone "messed with them" put someone's a$$ in jail.
When your child is hurting, hug them.
When your child tells you grandpa is "messing with me", AT ALL COSTS, keep her away from him. This would be where putting his a$$ in jail would help.
When your child gets drunk at the age of 13, time to intervene.
When your 14 year old child is bleeding profusely, has stomach pain so strong they can't stand up and them passes something in the toilet, take her to a doctor.
When your child miscarries, time to investigate and not act like it was a "bad period."
When your 15 year old daughter gets caught drinking at school, find out why instead of punching her in the face.
WHen your child is depressed for over 20 years, maybe you should encourage them to tell that secret.
When your child is hospitalized well into their adulthood because they want to kill them self, it's time for you to correct the mistake you made years ago and help them talk about that secret.
When your child finally tells the secret in their 40's, act like you care instead of being inconvenienced.

I'm so sorry your parents didn't protect you and didn't look after you.

Sitting with you.

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