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Why do I even try?

Posted by wildnfree , 19 September 2013 · 163 views

Had another argument with my mom...I don't even why I try to talk to my parents about being depressed or getting therapy anymore...like they know I'm considering harming myself, and they still don't care. Why should I? I don't even know if I'll make it through this semester :bawling:

You should care about yourself. My counselor once told me the ONLY person that you will be responsible for your entire life is YOU. You are not responsible for teaching your parents to comprehend the information you are trying to share. That is their issue that unfortunately hurts you, but try to see that you are a seperate entity from them, and just because they don't get it, it doesn't mean you should stop trying. You are worth it, and that self worth comes from choosing yourself over others when they are making poor decisions. I had to just shake off all communication with my mom because I saw her mentality was toxic. She came from abuse as well, but hers was horrific, and combined with other family issues. She could never move forward and see a different picture than the dysfunction she knew. You on the other hand seem to be making healthy choices such as seeing a therapist. Knowledge is power, and going to a counselor allows you to gain knowledge in ways that you never could if you stayed stuck in the mentality of your parents. Hang in there. It takes a long time but it's so worth getting healthier. You are worth it!
Thank you so much for the encouraging words, Orchid! Yesterday was so awful! I thought telling my mom everything would help, but it only resulted in more horrible things being said and being told my problems were "extra baggage" that she couldn't handle.

I thought I was at my breaking point. Thankfully, I talked with one of my professors and advising counselor at school today. They encouraged me like you did! Basically, my advisor said to shut out any negative people, including my mom, so I can focus on myself to get better.

It's rough, but I know the only way from here is up :) Thanks again for your kind words.

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