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Better Day?

Posted by mrsmunson2009 , 25 September 2011 · 160 views

Today has been a better day.

I opened up to my husband a few nights ago and finally let a lot of my emotion out. What a relief! :thumbsup: I also opened up to a very good friend. I'm not feeling as alone anymore.

Court will begin starting in October. It's very overwhelming and it makes it very real and very raw. I think some part of my mind has blocked my memory from when my attack happened in July.....now that court is starting, I'm feeling very panicked and it's all rushing back to me. I think my mind was in some state of shock but now it's opened up again :bawling:

There is a new girl moving in downstairs from me and I think it will help me at night knowing that I'm not the only person in the duplex. *crosses fingers* My husband is trying very hard to get switched to the day shift instead of the night so he can be with me. I start group therapy soon and I'm very nervous but excited for it at the same time. I feel very vulnerable when I open up and sometimes its very hard. Some days, I feel like I've made the whole thing up or it was just a bad dream. But it's reality. And reality sucks sometimes. :tear:

Glad you're not feeling alone, no one should have to go through these things by themselves. One day at a time... :hug:
Sep 27 2011 06:41 AM
Reality sucks ALL the time, but it is what you do with it to make it better....Your husband sounds so wonderfully supportive. I think it is beautiful that he is trying to switch shifts just for your well being. It sounds like you are doing really well, even though you may not feel like that in a lot of ways.
Take it from someone that has been there. I went through all the legal hoops and tricks and it was a nerve wracking process. I know how stressful it is but also know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and by the way the light IS NOT a train. You are almost through all of it. After you get to just worry about you and picking up the pieces. You will have the chance to take what is left of the person you were and marry it to the person you are now and believe it or not you get the chance to feel whole and complete again.
I wish you the best of luck in all of this but know you do not need it. You will do fantastic and it will be over in no time. Safe hugs, if okay <3

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