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which way to turn the right or the the wrong

Posted by stacyloo , 08 September 2012 · 82 views

well the weekend hits and feel alone

feel like i just want to end my life

bump into one of my abusers

so scared for myself dont kno wat to do he thinks he is so clever

if i end everything i kno they have won an i lose even more cos i lose my daughter who needs me but i cant see a future for me is all i see for myself is fear

i feel empty, lost, dirty, broken, damaged, is any of this normal i av ad this for yrs going on an really want to give up now

be strong for her, you won't regret it :)
I still feel like this too a lot of the times; but all I can hope is for you to see that you have a reason to be here and that you have every reason to feel anger and hatred for whoever did you wrong. Here if you need anything :hug:
:) thanks hun

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