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when do i get to have a normal life

Posted by stacyloo , 27 October 2012 · 77 views

when can i have a normal life were am not breaking down into tears wen eva my mind feels like it i cant deal with this i jus want to end my life then i dont av to feel this pain day in day out

my abusers act like there nothing wrong with what they av done they r getting on with their lifes

Oct 27 2012 10:11 PM
I can relate to what you're saying, I feel like that with 2 of my ab**ers.
it does my heading how they can get on with their life knowing wat they have done and we r the ones struggling cos it never gloes away
I don't think... "normal" is something we can achieve, yet I also think "normal" is not really as good as people make it seem.

You've already won small battles, because you are alive today... don't give THEM the pleasure of destroying you, there's light at the end of the tunnel, you're just too hurt to look through the tears, yet believe me, IT IS THERE! If you hold on enough you'll see.

It is hard to walk this rode, it will hurt yet it will pay off... someday you'll be healed, happy and fullfilled and that part of your life they won't be able to take away, that's a victory no "normal" life can have... a special victory over this world's darkness...

Don't give up just yet, we are all here with you.
thanks Zeith but i think i av already gave up i cant deal with this no more

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