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My 2 cents on the causal use of the WORD rape

Posted by Caught~the~rye , 22 March 2013 · 47 views

I mean if it does bother you then you should let them know, but one thing iv learned personally is that , th English language as diverse and ever expanding due to the mass dialects has incorporated certain words , or phrases that are on the top , very insensitive. For example before I was attacked I lost my mum to cancer, now where I'm from (Liverpool u.k) when joking round people (myself included) will more than likely say things like "your mum" instead of "shut up" now , what was worse for me was people saying it to me after my mum , then realising and falling all over themselves trying to apologise , that is worse , it's unfair on the person , who has made no intentional attack against me , just the English wer horrible bastards and sometimes you just have I remember that ha, now carrying on with the rape issue , due to my mother I was very aware of throw to accept and deal , now my friends at the time weren't , adults even though I. Age we where, I myself still occasionally , for example .... I'm loosing badly on call of duty ( forgive the analogy trying to keep this as simple as) it will slip if my brother asks how you doin I have replied " getting raped like.." Now I will wince when I realise I say it and now putting it down here I feel like I'm saying insensitive things, I'm really not. , not intentionaly , I'm defending fraudulent slips ,now myself and my friends and people I know would never in a million years laugh or poke fun at a survivor , my friends where just unbelievably kind when I was attacked and I felt secure and there where always there , now here my point , so there for me that on occasion where the word "rape" was used in jest and in no way connected to the actually meaning of the word in my company , my friends would go on the defensive , they would be like " do you know what happened to Joel" this reallllly annoyed me , as you know we feel like victims enough, let alone making someone else feel like scum , for something they didn't mean , also draws attention to me and make it look like I was ... One of them . If yu know what I mean. So I would speak up and say listen , you havnt laced at me being raped, you havnt defended rapists and you havnt raped anybody, so please for gods sake say the word rape again so I can feel fucking relaxed. I do hope this hasn't offended anyone , I'm just trying to put my point down , I have massive respect and love for all of us here I truly do . I think it's down to us as the survivors though , to lead understanding and unselfish as possible , public awareness of what is really a massive part of our souls. We must forgive people ignorance , and to change this we mustn't attack , we must forgive ( saying all this if the person is laughing At an attack or is defending rapist or whatever these people are evil and need to be left alone)

Source: Friends joking about rape? :(

Mar 22 2013 11:57 AM
"jokeing" about r***, is in poor taste and not funny. (In my personal opinon) On a non related note, I like your pic. :)
Mar 22 2013 12:44 PM

"jokeing" about r***, is in poor taste and not funny. (In my personal opinon) On a non related note, I like your pic. :)/>

I completely respect your opinion , and I do admit myself it is bad taste ', thank you for your input blonde ^_^ and thank you :blush: peace and love to you ! X
Mar 22 2013 12:44 PM
Blondie , damn predictive type !
Mar 23 2013 06:03 AM

I agree with this. It's similar to when people keep changing terms/words to be politically correct, like referring to disabled people as impaired. There's nothing wrong with the word disabled. It means the same thing. Negative connotations? Well in my view it's the attitude of the person that matters, not the terminology. In future years the word 'impairment' will have negative connotations as well. It's that NEGATIVITY towards people who are different or challenged that needs to change. I work with disabled people. They, as a group in general, are amazing and have a lot to teach us. I say 'us', but I have a disability as well, just not so severe (ADHD). In the right context, even the word retarded is fine. It's a medical term. So what if some idiots hijacked it and made it an insult. Claim it back! Same is true of the words rape and victim IMO.

totally agree boxoffrogs , brilliantly put ^_^ peace and love

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