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Blood Thinners

Posted by bellachai , 25 April 2013 · 101 views

I decided this morning that it was way past time to shave my legs which is a major chore when you don't have hot water and have to heat water on the stove and carry it to the bathroom. I had a new disposable razor and shaving cream and got right to it. Now I know why they won't allow my home health people to shave or trim nails when you are on blood thinners. I was very careful but I nicked myself more than a few times and it took me 40 minutes to stop bleeding. What a mess. That would be something to have to call an ambulance just cuz I was bleeding to death from my legs. I would have felt like an idiot. Now I have to decide to either feel like a hairy beast forever or find the money for a much better razor.

A month ago I had a partial filling come out of one of my molars. No big deal did not hurt and I kept it clean. a couple of weeks ago the rest of the filling came out. If I had any money I would have gone to the Dentist but again it was not a big deal and did not hurt. I kept it clean. Then today I bit down on a pop tart and it hurt like being stabbed. Part of my molar broke down to the root. When you have fibromyalgia your pain tolerance goes up so I pulled it out which hurt but not as much as trying to eat something and it jabbing downward. After this morning I thought I would have a hard time getting the bleeding to stop but it did within minutes. Maybe cuz I did not have enough blood left to bleed for long. :beatsme:

I am getting so tired of being so poor and a burden to my family. It has been 4 years now that I have been fighting to get disability. I keep thinking any day now I will here from them to be either approved or have to get a lawyer to appeal. Any prayers and good luck anyone can spare I would so appreciate it.

Maybe they are waiting for me to drop dead first before they approve me. :waiting:

Blessings to all

Apr 25 2013 08:57 PM
Thinking of you.... try to get the tooth looked at if you possibly can. It could turn into a much worse situation if it gets infected.

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