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Nothing about this is fair

Posted by tpatt2008 , 15 June 2012 · 18 views

I quit my job today.

Well, I would've just said I was sick, but that's not allowed. So I quit.

I was gonna write a long drawn out explanation but this is it in a nutshell:

I'm tired. I'm not suicidal. Just tired. Jobs require too much work, too much pressure. So I always quit. I'm kind of enjoying the attention from it. I've been really lonely for months. The fact that random strangers care about me is comforting. All I have is random strangers these days.

I'm going to drink and smoke the day away until I figure out a plan. PS. I've taken up smoking. Newports. I like how it makes me head feel. At least everything that I'm doing is legal. I can always find a silvering lining. :)

Question though:
You can't survive in this world if you can't keep a job, right?

This may be a problem for me since I don't want to die, but I can't keep a job. Live under a bridge? Ugh, my parents would be so proud...
Today, I am going to live like I'm living someone else's life.

I'm only 21. Here's hoping I'm here to write a post tomorrow. Raise your glass!

Today is just a bad day, guys. I'm really a lot happier. I promise.

I am sorry for the pain you feel and the hard questions you are asking. You cannot take care of anyone or anything without taking care of you first.

I am glad to hear you do not want to die and you are young yet which gives lots of room to find the right job for you and the help you need as a survivor.

I quit smoking the 1st of May but after yesterday with my daughter I bought a pack today. If I had enough money I probably would be drinking right now too so you will have to have a drink for me.

No today is not a good day so here's to better days ahead for both of us.

Take good care of you and many blessings

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