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Ruined Life

Posted by bellachai , 19 February 2014 · 150 views

I was reading an article about the sentencing of a predator.  The very brave survivor, now an adult stood up and stated he had ruined her life from what horrors he did to her as a child.  The judge also spoke to the predator and said the same that his actions ruined her life.
Then the Judge sentenced him to 7 years in jail.  So the rest of the survivor's life is going to be 7 years?  She will be dead in 7 years?  She is worth only 7 years of his life?  Her life is onl worth 7 years?
They need to change the laws in that state. 

Feb 19 2014 04:55 PM

I agree wholeheartedly.  Seven years is not in any way anything near to enough time for that predator to spend rotting in jail. 


The laws need to be changed.  Perception in general and all the way around needs to be changed. 


Eyes need to be opened.  The judicial system has failed survivors, and continues to. 


It seems to me that most of the burden for reaping justice is left on the shoulders of us brave survivors, such as this woman.

Here is something more so tragic.  A judge in Montana on Rape charged insinuated that her rape was possibly as much her fault as the creep who raped her. 


The creep got one month in jail for his crime.


The brave survivor who faced her abuser in open court killed herself a few days later.


The judge has yet to apologize.


Very sad indeed.  Shame on that judge.

Feb 20 2014 05:45 PM

Yes, indeed that is very sad. 


And shame on that judge.  Honestly, in this day and age, that any judge could be that backward, and that mortally wrong.

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