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T somorrow

Posted by Steve , 15 October 2007 · 69 views

Real stressed about starting T tomorrow
Don't know what to expect.
Sort of asked for help but couldn't even get this right.
I just it is like this is my last attempt I don't know how Iam going to go , I am scared that I will get minimised again.
still going to keep it to the sleep stuff but i reckon the T will see right through me and I won't be able to protect myself. I hate this not knowng shit.

Well I went but It wan't a T session!
I got to the doctors (Gp who had organised it, the T works out of the same rooms) only to find out that it was just a admin session? I was asked all sorts of questions relating to a wide range of thing including history of depression in family etc. Thh GP asked about reasons for not sleeping and I told him about leaving work, going to school etc and how this year had just been bad generally. He swollowed that and kept asking about other things but kept sort of coming back to are there any other things, We touched on suicide and he was concerned because I told him about almost doing it earlier this year. He kept on asking and eventually I said there was something else. I told him that Coming back to school had set off alot of different feelings and thoughts, I couldn't elaborate to him but he asked about bullying and I said yeah that was part of it. He didn't push but said that he would pass this info along to the T. we discussed the sleeping pills that I am currently on and he wants t change me to antidepressents because the sleeping pills contribute to the depression. After my exams I am stopping the sleeping pills regardless. I am realy unsure about the anti depressents though.
Anyway, I have been scheduled to see the T (a guy, i found out today) on the 7th of november, I finish my exams on the 2nd.
I have to say, I am feeling realy good right now, I have spent the ast 2 nights realy worried. I just think Yeah, i started!
Got to say though, it is people like you who have dragged me through so far. I still wouldn't have addressed the problems without Pandies in general and you in particular. Your threats of coming over here and personally phoning for me have ben kind of what I needed.
I am going to post alot of this into the my voice forum but I wanted to thank you personally, I aren't good at asking for help but you gave it anyway.
Thanks SSRAT
and dude when I finish my degree, I am coming over there and I owe you a beer or 2, 3,4,5,6,7,8 or whatever else you drink!

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