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My Tattoo

Posted by Heidi013 , 23 July 2010 · 72 views

I am getting a tattoo at Christmas. I decided i want one because i want something permanent to remind me to be strong and that i am a survivor and i can survive. I have had temporary tattoo's and i like having them so now i want something permanent. Have though a lot about what i want my tattoo to be and to say and mean. I finally have decided on this picture. Horses are my favourite animal. Blue is my favourite colour (that shade in the picture is my favourite shade).

It's a picture of a winged unicorn standing poised with wings unfurled, one leg raised and looking back over its shoulder. It looks like it is about to leap into the air as if it has a friend coming up behind that it is waiting to catch up. It is white on a black background, its outline and detail is shaded in a neon blue and there are neon blue/white sparkle stars around it.

To me it represents, strength, beauty, grace and freedom. It also brings thoughts of magic, nice dreams, protection, power, tranquility, watchfulness, spirit, life and hope.

I am planning on getting it on my ankle. The only thing i'm worried about is the pain, but i think i will be ok. It won't be big and i can ignore pain when i want to.

I apologise for there not being a picture of it, i can't figure out how to attach a photo that's on my hard-drive, not online. Does anyone know?

Jul 23 2010 08:06 PM
"because i want something permanent to remind me to be strong and that i am a survivor and i can survive."

I thought that was awesomely worded - and the tattoo itself sounds cute! :D

And to get the picture of it online, you would need to upload it online, there's a way to do that on Pandy's, adding the picture to your "Gallery". :)
Jul 23 2010 09:46 PM
I would love to see a picture of your idea! It sounds wonderful :)

I do not have a lot of pain tolerance at all, and cringe at papercuts like you wouldn't believe..however, I have pierced myself with a safety pin slowly (not my ears, although I did do that too) and I have four tattoos..I can tell you from the mind of a weakling such as myself that its not bad. My shoulders and back are done...first you hear the buzzing of the gun, and it feels like a sunburn that someone is scratching annoyingly...after a minute or two, all you hear is the noise. Afterwards, there is no pain at all. You just have to wait for your skin to heal over, and that doesn't take more than a week or two at most.

You can do it! :) I think that's awesome that you're getting one!
Thank you, i will try and upload the picture sometime this week, when i get time.

I also don't have a high tolerance to pain, if its accidental pain. Accidental pain like a paper cut, or twisting my ankle or standing on a thorn hurt me so much i can barely keep from crying. But if it's intentional or if i see it coming then the pain isn't very much at all. I barely notice it. That can be dangerous for me since i am liable to Self Harm. But i have been resisting it. Like if someone is going to give me a chinese burn i can ignore it and not feel the pain at all. But if i fell and slid on carpet and got a burn that way, accidentally with no warning it would hurt like hell. My mind works in weird ways lol.
Finally found a way of getting the pic online. Hope this works. The picture is now my profile pic.

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