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Darkly humorous

Posted by Caught~the~rye , 26 March 2013 · 44 views

So there I am happily bouncing down town on and very busy day ,walking into the horrific wind , rocking a Parker and pair of skull candys , Alt J playing eyes squinted against Mother Nature. I was content. I'm always honest , I don't have as hard a time as I used to and some people I see on here do. I wasn't really going anywhere As I say I was really Just enjoying being in place where multiple people are behind to the left ,right of you all moving , a certain dense spareness, an engulfing possibility of ever reaching contact. So I wasn't entirely content my mind was going mental but I was composed and really most of my thinking was telling myself I'm Okay , so I figure I'm on a winner.

I was out of onto queens square ,and bam , my eye centres on some old , tbf scruffy man , who you can tell is probably an olive .. Well entire shot of vodka short of a martini , I watch him , I know my mind is mental and can be scared randomly but not often anymore so I'm shocked when , straight away I notice the young girl , headphones in Parker on bouncing along her day , and he's doing this little shuffle step of walk in the same direction a few metres behind her.

" he's following her , without a doubt" that's my mind being fucking Ironsides out of nowhere like the old days , but unlike then when it as me thinking the person is after me ,again, I'm suddenly convinced this weird old fella is going o follow and attack this girl . I know it's stupid and it's over zealous paranoia that any t would tell me.

Still I followed them both .... And no the irony of it all as not lost on me. Needless to say five or so minutes into my recon the step toe was off another way and the student who was one of them people , you could jut tell was a vegetarian , carried on her way unaware for the cold-war like drama , my melodramatic reality had existed and cast her as the leading role.

Feeling rather stupid , I then felt exposed and was home quickly for a Horlick triggering myself it every word I spoke to my uncle ( who I live wit and as far as I'm concernd Is my saviour !)

So there, it's not always as bad as It looks , and I'm a blithering idiot , thought some may appreciate this .

Love the way you right your blog and apply humour to things. Great :D x
Mar 28 2013 10:05 AM

Love the way you right your blog and apply humour to things. Great :D/> x

haha thank you cant underesitmate the power of comic relief. ^_^
Very true x

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