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my brother.

Posted by SomebodyLoveMe , 31 July 2013 · 105 views

so my brother's in the military, and i had a dream he got hurt really bad. i was there and i wanted to save him, but he wouldn't let me. it didn't really make sense, but i woke up pretty rattled. i feel stupid 'cause i keep getting all teary-eyed, but he means the whole world to me. my dad died when i was two, so my brother has been the only male role model i've ever had. he's stationed over two thousand miles away, and it's been really hard on me. plus he recently got married...to a girl he was with for six months. i know love could happen that fast, but i'm an incredibly distrusting person. there's no real way to tell if she's using him or not until it might be too late. my mom and i have only met her once, and it was for twenty minutes over skype. there are a few other people in my family that are as skeptical as i am. i guess if she's good for anything, they're not deploying married airmen right now. he was supposed to deploy in september, but thank god that's cancelled. except for if their alarm goes off, then he has fifteen minutes to grab his shit and get on his kc 135. he actually has his bag already packed in his closet. when everything was going on in egypt, he called and warned us of the possibility. i couldn't breathe for the next week, until it was all called off. i didn't sleep much, i got in some trouble at school, i didn't want to do anything and my anxiety pills just weren't taking care of it. but i'm having a hard time pulling it together right now. i woke up an hour ago, and i've been a mess ever since.

question for military families: does your airport let you walk your active duty loved one to the gate? when he came home for my birthday last year, they let us go back and stay with him until he boarded the plane. i was surprised because our airport has an incredibly extensive, borderline unnecessary, amount of security. i was just wondering if anyone has gotten the same privilege.

Jul 31 2013 11:05 AM
I don't have any advice, but I have to say I admire the fact that your brother is making such a huge sacrifice for his country.

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