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Posted by ciel , 02 February 2007 · 74 views

Ihave been feeling lately I don't think I should be around people because I tell them I'm ok and I'm not. I have talked to my t about the confusion I have been having lately.

Lately I feel like I want to lose my job...I know I can afford to but I can't focus on the work and when I have to do something or get interrupted I get angry of pissed. The problem that bothers me the most is allot of the stuff I think they are just throwing my way can be done by my coworkers or they tell others of will have tony do it....then I get copied on stuff and I'm like wtf....

If its something that the person could have originally handled then way did you tell them I will take care of it and give it to me to do.

On top of that as far as relationship wise I want to be with someone but I don't (not sure if that makes sense) I currently have a gf but we live in different states... The issue is coming up about if I want to be with her, move in etc...

Honestly I don't know what I want at the moment and we have talked about this...I don't want to hurt her either.


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