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mothers day the good the bad and the ugly

Posted by shay143 , 08 May 2011 · 111 views

last night did not start my mother's day off in a good way at all. I was so hurt by the fact that my bf didn't even realize it was mother's day until I told him at 10:45pm and he tells me its nothing more than a glorified day to make you spend money you don't have just like every other holiday. then he had the nerve to say "so I guess you want a card or something" I don't want anything from him, honestly I want him to just leave me alone, be a dad to our daughter and act as if I don't exist would be a great present. At least then I would know what to expect instead of this "I'm fine" bull crap that always comes with attitude. So as for mothers day, I went to church, then to lunch with my adopted family who does think I'm worth talking to. I was doing good until she opened the card I gave her, actually I had Kaleigh give it to her cause I was too scared. Well, later she opened it then hugged me and thanked me for the card and I started crying which I NEVER do. (thank you valium for the flood of emotions that I can't handle all at once). So we talk a little and she tells me that they had stopped by my house Thursday night to talk to both of us but we were not home. They think my bf should be included in my healing process and that he also needs someone to talk to, and the fact that I had mentioned to my pastor the night before that it was suggested to me that maybe my daughter needs a different temp. placement until I get better and I guess they were pretty upset about that. everything is so out of control, I'm about 99% sure that I'm going to end up in the hospital, I can feel it coming. Idk what else to do.

May 08 2011 04:45 PM

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