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Religion question

Posted by one.day. , 06 August 2013 · 156 views

I visited a stone circle a few days ago. I love learning the history and beliefs that surround things like this. But I'm left not knowing what to think.

A woman approached me challenging my religion. She told that I will never move on from this life until I accept myself. I am a very shy person so I'm really nervous when I'm questioned and speaking around strangers so I must have looked uncomfortable. I didn't want to appear rude so I listened.

She told me everything in life happens because you will it to happen either through positive or negative karma. I said I respected her beliefs but I don't think that starving children across the globe wish that or deserve a life like that. She said yes they do so to accept who they are and grow from this life. She got very heated and nasty from it. I didn't mean to offend her.

I said I had a troubled childhood (don't even know why I said it, was out of character for me) but I didn't wish for that and she believed I did or wouldn't have chose that life for so long. I would have got away or ended it to be in another life.

Its just got me thinking, did I choose to stay in a bad situation when I could of got out, did I look to be hurt, did I enjoy it? I don't think I did but I feel so upset

This lady had some serious boundary issues, and was very disrespectful. One person's belief or spiritual journey is unique to that person. Each individual has the right to find their own path. I've had people say things like this to me, and I felt so invaded that I plainly told them so. No one has the right to physically, sexually, emotionally abuse, or to abuse boundaries through the use of religion. I'm enraged at this lady for such horrible boundaries. This is one of my most sensitive topics. I live in a very rural area where there are some rigid beliefs. I have people all the time telling me "their truths". I've learned to meet them head on, and tell them to NEVER again speak to me about their beliefs or truths without prior permission to discuss religion/beliefs/spirituality...which I never give, because they can't listen or discuss. They just "tell"

I'm sorry you had to deal with another type of abuse under the guise of religion. It would have been completely different if you had sought out a religious mentor or teacher in hopes that they share their belief.

Take good care.
Thank you Orchid. I really liked it when you said, Each individual has the right to find their own path. And you're right. Where I live now, its a small village, everyone knows everyone and they tell they don't teach. There is no grey area to them either :(

I wouldn't wish them to have a painful experience but if they saw things at close hand what emotions are felt or the pain. I'd wish they would open their eyes. See things around them not what they want to see.
Nov 14 2013 04:08 PM

I'd like'd to have punched the lady and then sworn to the onlookers, "She told me to!" She asked karma for it to happen!


It's what, if I were in your place,... I'd like to have said I've done... but in reality, its hard to break out of the ~pleasing others~ mentality.


Back to the stone circle: Religion speaks to us in individual ways. Who is to say the Voice Of God/dess knows only one language. Listen and know you are loved. The particular language doesnt matter so much as the message; you are still loved.


My apologies if this seems trite; sorrow supercedes this at times, goodness knows, for me it does 99% of the time.

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