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a VERY rare occasion.

Posted by SomebodyLoveMe , 05 August 2014 · 70 views

yesterday i loved myself for no reason. i had no makeup on, my hair was up and a total mess, and i wasn't having my skinniest of days, but damn it, i didn't care. i was also empowered. somehow, i had this odd strength. i wore the shirt that my monster attacked me in. i like that shirt, and while i have a lot of days that i can't even look at it, yesterday i wasn't gonna let him decide what i would and wouldn't wear. so i wore it, and i was fine.

somehow, my five pound doxie puppy makes me feel safe. she can fit in a frisbee and sounds more like a bird than a puppy, but she still makes me feel a little more secure when i'm home alone. and so does my cat. my four pound himalayan thinks she's a princess. my two critters total to a whopping nine pounds, but they help me. my doxie's name is abby mae, and my cat has so many different names that she answers to. but she hates abby mae. freaking hates her. abby mae wants to be her friend sooo bad, but my cat's not having it.

i've been talking to my airman a lot lately. he's still having a hard time overseas, but we're sending package after package after package to try and make him as comfortable as possible. his time was cut back to october instead of december, and that makes me feel better. even though he's going to the other side of the country when he returns, knowing he'll be back in the united states eases my mind a little.

i made cupcakes last night. butter pecan with butter pecan icing, both with candied pecans mixed in. it's for a birthday party later this evening. and i'm making all the food for the tea party i'm catering on the 17th, because i start college on the 18th. i had planned on serving eight wonderful ladies, but i can't make it. i know my food will speak for me, though. i have the menu planned.
-smoked turkey sandwiches with dried cherry cream cheese on a dried cherry poppyseed bread and either baby spinach or arugula.
-cucumber sandwiches with ranch cream cheese and fresh homegrown dill on pumpernickel bread.
-apricot scones
-a caprese "salad" stack with my homemade mozzarella cheese, with fresh homegrown tomatoes and basil.
-key lime parfait made with key lime mousse, graham cracker crumbles, fresh whipped cream and little dark chocolate curls. (i personally HATE the idea of the chocolate curls, but the lady is insistent on them. it's not my job to make things i like.)
-almond macarons with honey buttercream

so I've got my hands full. college, catering, a new puppy, doctors appoints, therapy, all kinds of stuff. my apologies that this trailed off into an absent-minded blurb, but i ran out of three of my meds and have one hell of a racing mind.

yesterday i loved myself for no reason ...



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