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The Wall

Posted by Mand , 09 June 2014 · 96 views

The wall keeps me safe. Makes me blank. Stops me thinking. Can't figure out if I am cowering like a chicken behind my wall. Or standing guard protecting myself in front of my wall. Weak and strong at the same time. Sounds about right.

Well, going outside the wall is brave. But I also think staying behind the wall is also very brave. I dunno about you, but I struggle with protecting myself, standing up for myself, putting up boundaries. Being brave doesn't mean you go looking for trouble. There are times when being brave means protecting yourself more than running onto the battle field. You are just as important to protect and help as the others you protect and help. I have no idea if that makes sense.

peace to you

Jun 09 2014 11:18 PM

Walls do serve many purposes for us, don't they? They create boundaries. They allow us to protect what is within. They give us a place to hang pictures. We put windows in them. We decorate them with paint and wall paper.


Sometimes we need the walls to shelter us and sometimes we need them to protect our belongings and our loved ones.


I think if we allow the walls to serve their functions, it is a good thing. And, if you need to be sheltered, it is good you have the walls.


When you're ready you can open a curtain, peek out and see what the weather is like.

Thanks all. Yes, it serves as a protection, a boundary. That makes sense. Yes Kayla, in the past I have struggled with these. My assertiveness is improving all the time now. I have learnt I can say "no" and the world doesn't end.

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