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A poem by actress Pauley Perrette I relate to so much...

Posted by StephEas , 19 April 2013 · 249 views


I keep considering picking up the phone
But have become accustomed to being alone
I have the numbers in my head
But just add them all together instead

Recite the line "Hello, It's Me."
As the cord sucks down my tragedy
And spews it out on the other end
Infecting a dear neglected friend

My darkness unleashed and then it's spread
To another's body, another's head
Crawling through their veins and to their heart
Diseasing every nimble part

Until they too are struck with pain
The virus I did not contain
Sadness, madness, terror and fear
Cast on a friend that lent me an ear

I must not speak, I must not tell
Of my isolated hell
Deaf to the incessant ring
I will remain in quarantine.

It is a beautiful poem, very well-written...
I'm sorry you (we) can relate...

Take gentle care,
Thank you for sharing. You poem is very good and yes I can relate too. I am sorry for the pain you have.

Take good care of you.
Perfect poem on how I am feeling today, completely alone not wanting to infect another person. Thank you for sharing.

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