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Don't Let Go

Posted by Shining_On124 , 22 September 2010 · 97 views

Thinking on how much better I am, emotionally, living-wise, friend-wise, than last year...makes me feel awesome.

This time last year, I made a couple new friends that have become my good friends (Avs, Jess), I was without two of my best friends who are now back in my life (Alana and Terra), I spent time with my favorite band, and made some good friends off Pandy's too - one of who lives close to me. :)

I'm not overstressed, overworked and having anxiety attacks, stuck in a job that I hate. I'm still unemployed, but it's better than where I was, and I'm looking for a better job. I turned in an app to the Melting Pot last night for server or back-of-the-house positions. I'm excited!

Living on my own, but having one of my friends as a roommate is awesome too. Only downside is I miss my kitty but she's happy at my grandma's. :]

Seriously, I feel amazing right now.

And, my chef buddy Alex that I've been chatting with for almost a month wants to HANG OUT WITH ME THIS WEEK. :D And he wants to cook stuff with me, and teach me the basics on bass - cuz I wanna learn. :D
....possibilities! I hope we hit it off, see where things will go. I hope he's interested in me.

Sometimes crisis' create many new, different and better opportunities. I am glad so many things are going well for you. Onward. Blessings
Sep 23 2010 01:57 AM
Thank you, Bellchai! :) I'm glad that so many things are going well for me, too. It helps me keep my positive outlook, yay!

Have a good rest of the week.

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