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Posted by perhaps , 10 June 2013 · 68 views

On Friday, I finally told my T about what happened to me. I have no idea what the appropriate response is for her reaction. Is there one?


She said, "That's impossible. He wouldn't have fit. Your story doesn't make sense."

I told her, "It is possible. It happened."

She replied, "If it really happened, then tell me what he tasted like."

Well I for one would say its time for a new T and I would either report her to her superior or if they don't have one I would file a complaint with whatever board certified her. There is no reason to say something like that. Even if you try to argue that she was trying to force you into a deeper memory so you could start healing or trying to prove a point if she felt you were being untruthful, there is still no call for saying it the way she did. There are more tactful ways to go about it. In any case I think there will be trust issues with her from now on, personally I would find someone else.
I am so sorry that happened to you. You open up only to have someone take your trust in them away. Total disrespect for you as a person. My heart goes out to you. Do not give up on a T. I have had some bad ones myself. Never give up!!! Someone is out there just to hear your story and help you. She has some serious issues within herself. I agree with the post by Maddoggy88. Take your power of surviving all that you have and rise above this and not let it get you really down. Hang in there. :metoyou:
Jun 11 2013 01:59 PM
Drop her like a hot potato and get a new T. I just saw this post, and I did read your story. I am so sorry that happened to you. My heart cries for the little girl you were. My thoughts are with you.

You DO NOT need someone like this T in your life. You deserve so much better. You are trying to heal.

And she should be ashamed of herself.

You need all of the supportive people you can get around you right now, and your T is one of the most important people in that list. To have her say those words to you? I think that is the ultimate betrayal of a survivor. She does not deserve the title of T.

I also agree with Maddoggy. You should report her. Her words are reprehensible and offensive. Unprofessional, insensitive, and inhuman. I am sorry you have been exposed to her kind of untherapeutic methods.

And yeah, hang in there, and be gentle with your self. Don't let what she said shake you. Stay strong, and know you have all the support of your family here. :metoyou:

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