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Finding the good within myself.

Posted by Kaity , 22 May 2013 · 57 views

For how many insecurities I have, today I feel pretty confident. In this moment I am going to take advantage and make a list of things I like about myself. I know it will not be easy, but next time I struggle I plan to use this list to help me remember I'm a good person.

1. I have a nice smile.
2. I think I have nice hair.
3. I'm nice. :)
4. I think I'm funny. :P
5. I'm smart.
6. I'm strong.
7. I can find good in everyone.
8. I'm ambitious.
9. I'm not afraid of the future because I know mine will be bright.
10. I have a huge heart that always has room for more love.

My insecurities often cause me to forget these things. I encourage you all to make a list of at least a few things that you like about yourself. It's not easy, but I guarantee that when you're struggling internally, reading back your own words will help you remember there's a lot to like as well.

Much love going out to those who need or want it. <3

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