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Friend Being Pushy, And Just Frustrated

Posted by FloweringRose , 16 January 2013 · 179 views

I think I need to cut off even more people than I have, and be really assertive about it. I thought D would have a bit more tact and realization than he does but he doesn't. There's no way it's okay to offer me money for "services", or to keep pushing me to be a dominant when I've told him I don't even want to do anything with anyone. Especially him after certain things.



I don't know why people are like this but I'm sick of it. I'm not meant to have my boundaries pushed like this, and money is no freaking excuse. Seriously. It's no excuse to and doesn't make it okay.
I need to travel and meet new people. I'm nervous still, I mean, I've had my trust really shaken. But I can't stay with the people I've been around before now because it just reminds me of where I was, all the pain I was in, everything that went terrible.

I hope I can get myself safe, and get myself going enough I can get out of these situations and this place.

Ugh there's so much behind this post but I don't even want to talk about it. I'm ashamed of all that's happened and what I've found out about my past. It's not fair but it's there :( And I have to live with it. Sighs.
This sucks right now, while I'm sick and stuck thinking.

You should travel, go somewhere different and amazing! A change of environment does wonders.

I have cut out alot of people lately, too many people being negative towards me and not believing in what I want to do. You don't need people like that.

Ugh, pushy people suck! get rid of them!

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