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From: Once a boy.

Posted by Caught~the~rye , 21 March 2013 · 34 views

Once a boy wrote a poem.
It wasnt a very long poem it wasnt even very good .
He wrote it on green paper with a yellow felt in class.
His teacher gave him a gold star,
And his mum put it on the fridge,
she was very proud.

Once the same boy wrote a short story,
It was about a monster who dressed like a man ,
He wrote it on A4 paper in blue ink.
His teacher told him it was well written but lacked context and motive.
He got a C+
His mum didnt put it on the fridge though,
She said it was too negative .

Once The same boy wrote one word,
He wrote it on his hand in black ink.
The word was help.
He gave himself an F , spat on it and removed it .
He didnt show him mum the word.

Once the same boy wrote a note ,
It was on his bedroom wall in red paint,
He wrote that the monster had taken him ,
and he was sorry that he was scared.
It wasnt graded , and he didnt show it to his mum ,
She found it.

Once man walking his dog read this ,
"Our dearest son, We hope you can rest now"
He couldnt read the rest , the stone was too weatherd.
He whistled his dog to catch up , and carried on his walk.

Source: Once a boy.

Mar 21 2013 05:29 AM
iv never published this ever. it was for me and me alone. however pandys has made me want to share this . i hope you enjoy reading it. i know its negative , but i assure you its written in love .
Caught-the-rye, Thank you for sharing this with us :metoyou: It's really powerful.
Mar 21 2013 06:42 AM

Caught-the-rye, Thank you for sharing this with us :metoyou:/> It's really powerful.

Thank you MissHannah ! Means a lot to me ! Truly . Peace and love!
You're welcome :)
Powerful is the word. Thank you.
Mar 21 2013 04:40 PM
Thank yew ^_^

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