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Fake - Poem - Trigger Warning

Posted by vakry , 24 December 2013 · 132 views

Fake - Poem - Trigger Warning Fake.


God you're exhausting!

Baby, I'm not in love with you.

It's been fun, but I want to get real.

It's all smoke and mirrors.


It's a complicated mask.

It's not enough to wear a smile to hide the pain.

Too many see through that.

I put up a house of mirrors.

Doors that go to pits and stairs that go no where.

Windows that don't unlatch.

A distraction at every corner.


You don't know me. You never will.

I use my pain to get to you baby.

Rather than hide what I cannot.

I don't correct assumptions.

I roll with what I think you want to hear.

I use it as a tool.

Drop your guard. Open your heart.

But not to hurt you.


To hurt me. To play me. To dance to my own game.

I'm my own worst enemy.

To remind myself what I can never truly be.

What I can never have.

Never know really know.


It's all smoke and mirrors.

Tricks and illusions.

I can keep this up for years.

Just ask my ex-wife......


By the time you realize.

It's far too late. I got the key.

You left the door wide open, baby.

I walk right in.

You cannot understand what you gave away

but you know it's gone and nothing in its place.


I leave NOTHING in it's place.

My heart is not yours for the taking.

It's been ran through. It's in a blender.

It's been ripped out and left rotting on the cold cement.

It's been ran over.

Don't get me wrong, baby, I do care about you.


More than you'll ever know. Ever see. Ever really understand.


But it's not love. And what you feel for me is just an illusion.

It's not real.

I am what you think I am and nothing more.

I am what you want to hear.

I am what you need me to be.

What you perceive of me.


But I'm not truly me. Thus you cannot love me.

It's a twisted game. I'm sorry you're the pawn.

To hurt me. To confuse me.

To live the motives in my head.

And you're mine until the end.


I'm going make you hate me!

You'll see. You don't believe it.

You're living in a fairy tale.

I promise. Soon all will be revealed.


The only way this settles is if you can last just the night.

The weekend. The summer fling.

I can't be who you think I am.


Sorry, baby.


I hate this one because it reveals more than I like it to. I wrote this about a girlfriend a while ago, I nearly forgot about this. Yes. I'm gay. Yes, I've been married. She did know I was gay before she said I do. Apparently (TRIGGER WARNING) And this is what she said... I fuck like a gay man. O_o. So, I guess I fuck a like a homo even not being with a man. Hmm. If you understand what that means, please enlighten me. lol.

How would she know what gay men ''fuck'' like? o_O

I wish I knew.

Dec 24 2013 04:46 PM


(((hugs))) More hugs! Ty.

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