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Posted by Kyrie , 30 March 2013 · 15 views

So much is changing in my life right now. Even though the changes are positive, it's still really scary.

I'm doing school work again and seriously considering applying to go to university. I just got my learner's licence, even though all the crazy drivers out there still freak me out. I may or may not be getting a job (just waiting to hear back to set up an interview). Most days, I even manage to get out and go for a walk.

I've made progress in my healing journey, and am starting to break free of old patterns of negative thoughts. I've been diligent in my self-care, and slowly trying to build back up my self-esteem. I even started a blog on blogger to share my healing journey and inspiration, hoping that it will help others as it's helped me writing it.

It's funny; I almost feel like some other version of me has taken over. A version that has more confidence and who's starting to actaully participate in life instead of sitting on the outside, looking in, and watching. It's so strange to me that I almost feel like falling back into my old habits (staying in my comfort zone).

I'm so used to existing that it's comfortable, like an old friend. Life, living, is more unknown to me. And you know what they say: we fear what we don't know. At the same time, living is a lot more interesting than existing. I want to keep moving forward.

I understand this feeling kyrie, even if you do all slip back into things you are proving you are more than capable of putting the work in to get yourself out. Good luck with everything x

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