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Posted by Nevetuli , 27 March 2013 · 99 views

Made the kids cini rolls and fruit salad this morning. My husband went in early hoping to get out early. I think he notices the date. I wonder if the 27th of every month is going to be like this?

Becca is doing well. The neighbor came over yesterday and Becca handled herself well.

My goal for today is to live thru this day. Not losing my mind or breaking down. Just exist.

I posted in the legal side of the forum. I do think I am going to go ahead and try to be helpful to the police and such. By doing this, it means I have to start talking.

I have read alot of things on this forum about court. They all are glad they went to court even if they lost. Maybe that's the end of the unknowing. The final chapter before resuming life? I don't know. I do not want to rush myself. But this is my 2 month marker. I haven't done much as far as helping the police. I have been very selfish with my time but I needed it.

Tetrus said I can write things down and then read them to my husband. Just not to memorize my exact wording. I assume that's because I will read like a book. But that's true I feel like a Lifetime Movie. Now presenting, "Denial River" who knows. Quite funny actually. lol

Okay so I will live thru today. my husband is going to try and come home early. I do not know if it's good to write anything today. We shall see, how I feel after some coffee. I don't plan to get out of my pj's.

On a good note my little one has a field trip today. He is very excited.

I'm glad to here your pup is doing well with people coming over :)

It's alot to thing about going to court, I hope you find the right decision for you. My journey started from going to court. so I seem to have done it backwards lol.

Enjoy your coffe, pj's and excited stories from your little one later :)
I am curious Miss. How exactly does it start from going to court? My brain cells may not be firing off correctly. LOL

I just LOVE LOVE your picture. :metoyou:
Haha well..

I told my mum, heat of the moment I said she could tell the police and she went the next day. It was after being in court that it all hit me how this had affected me and because I'd never spoken about it, openig up brought everything to the surface. I'm not long up so I might no have explained that well :P

Ahh good :) I love alice in wonderland. Always have lol.
Awe, I am so sorry that happened to you.

I think you explained it well. Court and talking brought it back for you. Is how I read that! :metoyou:

OMG I love that movie too.. and here I will show my age.. "The last unicorn" was a childhood FAVE of mine. I think it's still on netflix. Alot like Alice.. girl finding her way.
Oh well I'm glad it made sense.

Hehe I think I love it because it can apply to kids and adults :). I can't say I have heard of that one, I'll have to try and find it though lol.
You will love it !! Trust me. I love the song.

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