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My bff T says knowing you're a **** survivor is a "turn off"

Posted by blondie2002 , 30 May 2012 · 80 views

I told my bff T, how my ex C (for those that don't know, C and I broke up way before B entered my life and turned it upside down)tried to get back together with me shortly after finding out I was r***d.Unfortuneatly he couldn't handle it, (he didn't use those exact words)and he decided he "wasn't ready for a girlfriend". :( Needless to say we're no longer together. I told T this, and she said "it's a 'turnoff' ". :down:

So sorry, blondie. that sounds like a very shallow response from T. You are NOT a "turnoff" - in fact you are worth so much more than being defined by something silly like that. I hope that you can love yourself and see your real, precious self shine. -- LB
Some T. That upsets me. They supposed to help not hinder.
I'm sorry you had to go thru that.
May 30 2012 06:07 PM
I can understand someone not being able to handle it but to claim it as a turnoff is really rough.
He sounds like a jerk, you are better off without him blondie. You deserve to be with someone kind who treats you right. Sending you positive energy and thoughts :hug:
May 30 2012 11:19 PM
thanks everyone, I feel better reading your repsonses. Let me just clarafy, T is a female and is the first letter of her name. I wasn't talking about my T. Sorry for the confusion. Btw, my bff, D isn't turned off by the fact that I'm a survivor. (even if he only sees me as a friend)

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