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my father disturbed me greatly

Posted by stronger98 , 22 March 2014 · 176 views

I Think IM Going To Cry.

My Father Was In His Wheely Chair And We Were Talking.

After We Were Done I Pushed Him Gently In His Chair And To Me He Looked Like He Was Smiling When I Pushed Him.

Than He Proclaimed "If Some Guys Grabbing At Your Tits And You Say Stop You Would Want Them To Stop So Stop!" He Had A Scary Creepy Look On His Face.

I Wasn't Even Pushing Him That Hard.

I Was Being Very Gentle So He Wouldn't Hit The Wall(Very Small Room)

I Thought He Was Jokeing When He Said Stop Because He Was Smiling.

I Don't Want Him To Imagine Me In That State.

His Comment Put Me On Edge.

Hurt Me To The Point Of Absolute Rage.

Humiliated Me So Much I Ran Upstairs And Made Myself Fall Asleep.

I Have Already Lost My Birth Father I Don't Want To Lose The Other One....But I Think I Already Have.

I Told My Mama....She Is Going To Go Talk To Him..in Other Words Bawl Him Out...She Has A Hard Time Believing He Would Say Something Like That Though.

It Was So Triggering And Hurtful And Embarrassing ;(

I am very sorry he said that you.  It was inappropriate of him to do so and very insensitive of him. 

Thank You For Your Understanding Nebulas....He Told My Mom The Truth....She Is Very Hurt :(
And So Am I...:(
How Could He Not Think??
Mar 22 2014 12:30 PM
Sitting with you...so sorry that he said that to you :(
Mar 22 2014 04:42 PM

I'm so sorry he said such a hurtful thing to you. I'm glad your mom is going to talk to him. He should not talk to you that way!

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