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one more glass

Posted by one.day. , 22 November 2013 · 163 views

When everything is so bright, you don't see the panic cord. Its all a haze. Unnatural. Colours darting, edges fading, vibrancy everywhere. Opposite colours blending, merging, amelorating into something new, something explosive. A deadly mix of what ifs and should of beens, dancing around another empty glass. Try as hard, drink as much, take as many - the emotion is still there. It filters through, trickling back until the flood comes. The darkness that consumes, smothers and suffocates that beautiful numb. The warning signs missed so long ago. It waits, it lingers and it will suffocate you when you are at your weakest. The colours have faded, ebbed away, it is just you. And you have never been so fragile, so vulnerable and you don't even know. Every sense, recognition has gone. Yet you still won't go home. Just one more glass.

Hey One.day,


Thank you for posting this, it really resonated with me. I too sought that destructive numbness, for many, many years. I hope you are okay, we're always here when you want to talk :holdhands:



Nov 22 2013 08:55 PM
I like how you, express yourself. :)
Thank you Kate and Blondie. :metoyou:

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