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From: Sexual feelings emerging in relation to therapist

Posted by HiddenPoet , 26 October 2012 · 140 views

A difficult topic. I have been struggling with this for some time and have been too self-conscious to talk about it. I don't really understand why it is happening and I feel
ashamed about it. I know it is related to the past but it is so uncomfortable to talk about. It just makes me cry a lot.

Has anyone else struggle with sexual feelings in relation to their therapist? I am really struggling with it. My T is being very supportive and encouraging but I feel so bad about myself.

Source: Sexual feelings emerging in relation to therapist

I haven't felt that way yet I developed a brotherly love with a friend of mine who acted as a "therapist" for me, for my first couple years dealing with it.

He fell in love with me instead so I have to say I understand a little of all this.

I agree with tpatt2008, you should dig deeper into your feelings and of course you shouldn't be ashamed, it's natural I would think and healthy I guess... it means you feel something any human feels towards another, I would guess the important thing is why are you feelings that way.
Jan 23 2013 03:30 AM
I only see women, for that exact reason. I always get sexual feelings for men when they empathize with me. Argh.

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