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........ Me

Posted by vakry , 27 January 2014 · 170 views

Yup ........ Me. In the ..... With a big ..... ...... And break it off and beat me with the other end.

She was raped recently everyone flocking to her support. She too was raped recently everyone flocking to her support. I muscled through some supportive words and comfort. Reality I was dying inside and triggered and weak. I bailed soon as I found a chance that would go unnoticed. I cried I hurt myself I screamed to music. I yelled back at the voices in my head. I masturbated I acted out. Oh James ur so strong. You're such a special person. While I'm fucking my rapist!!! YeAh about that......

I'm sorry that had to be a really triggering situation. I hope that you feel better soon. Its hard when someone we know has something happen. If you need to talk please pm me. Mandy

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