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The Solution

Posted by bellachai , 24 July 2013 · 222 views

Called the hematologist dr office as soon as they opened Monday morning. Had to leave a message of no antibiotics yet please help.

My Doctor's nurse called 20 minutes later. She tells me that my culture was positive for an UTI (I have been told this 5 times now since July 10th) and she will call in the; she stops and says 'Oh'. Then she tells me my doctor has prescribed an antibiotic by IV for 8 days. What!!! How??

I go to the infusion center every morning and sit for an hour while the antibiotic is given by IV. I go home with the needle still in my arm. Oh what a joy this has been. I have done 2 days and have 6 more to go.

Although I do have to say that considering my history it would not be unusual if I developed an upper respritory infection and this antibiotic will kill any bacteria I may or may not have.

I am so drained of energy and so very very tired.

Blessings to all

Jul 24 2013 06:39 PM
I hope you feel better soon, Bella. Thinking of you.
I'm thinking of you and feel so angry for you about all of this.
Jul 28 2013 02:19 AM
(((((((((gentle feel better hugs just for you))))))))))))))))

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