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My First Blogging Entry!

Posted by Jes , 10 February 2008 · 77 views

It seems like people are interested in my adventures with HM, so we'll see how the blogging thing goes! We're settling into our little log cabin in the woods, which is very, very rustic. We've got one bathroom, no bathtub (!), and cracks in the walls where the outdoor light peeks through. HM is now taking her baths in the kitchen sink, which keeps me from letting dishes pile up since we don't have a dishwasher. The upside is that we no longer live at the house we were renting from my crazy step-MILs. For those of you who missed it, we had an episode when she came to visit us over Christmas. I call it Cheeriogate and it culminated in her sending us a special letter. So special that it was four single spaced pages long. I'll include an excerpt below:

Now to address the total inconsideration I feel you offered us when we came to visit. Please realize your 75 year old father and I spent a total of 21 hours round trip driving in the car, and $214 in gasoline so we could spend Arielle's first Christmas with her and almost all the rest of the immediate Brown family. You'd think, knowing that we were coming and believing I care so much about my house and "things" as you call them, that you would have cleaned the place up a little. Instead the house was dirty and disorganized, and I'm not talking about the toys on the floor, I'm talking about dirty dishes piled in the sink, a drying rack full of dishes that I finally put away, a filthy glass dining room table that scratches, cheerios all over the floor and under the beds in the guest room encouraging mice from the woods, the bed in the master bedroom never made, things hanging out of the half opened dresser drawers etc. I held my tongue and said nothing. But to continue with inconsideration, in the guest bathroom there was no Kleenex and no spare toilet paper - just what was left of a roll. So much for making us feel you cared we were there. The things I just mentioned wouldn't have taken ten minutes to put in order. If you didn't want to do these things yourselves because it was too much of an inconvenience why didn't you call the housekeeper? And please, don't use the baby as an excuse for all your negligence. Your mother had three children in diapers in a small house and kept it together. Meg has a house nine times larger than ours, a full time job where she travels, three teenagers, a husband who works all day, two large dogs, a cat and her house has never looked as dirty and disorganized! And the same holds for Leslie who works incredible hours, has a cat and goes to school. I must also say, that when we stayed up in South Hero, Barbara always went out of her way to make sure we had what ever we needed.

Lest you think that we were living in filth and squalor, let me assure you that there might have been two cheerios under the bed and a water glass in the sink. Yes, the master bedroom was a little messy but that was because HM was staying with us. We normally don't put her to bed in our bathroom!

Stay tuned. It is a clear day today and I will take photos of our new humble abode. For those of you who know me, though, it might take a day or two for the photos to be posted!

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WOW that is one crazy MIL. That excerpt was freaking nuts. That is truly unbelieveable. Telling you your bed wasn't made? What are you ten years old and trying to earn your allowance? If I could find those cheerios on the floor, I would eat them off if it, then blow my nose on her pillowcase. You should have explained that the mice usually do a better job of picking the cheerios up.
$214 dollars to come and count how many sheets of toilet paper are on a roll and stress about fingerprints on a table. Good heavens how miserable of a person do you have to be to do that?
Who knew enjoying life and focusing on the joys of Christmas instead of freaking out over fingerprints on a glass dining room table was so wrong.
I am so glad you are in that cabin. I actually think it looks very cool and inspiring.
I love the blog as well!
ohhhh! that cabin looks so cool. that letter is a riot. i mean, it really isn't but it is because it isn't my family. :) i'm glad you are in the cabin and away from the nut job. we all saw the pics of the "no cleaning" photo fridays. i will write a letter about the car which we declared insanely clean. i think i could get whitney to side with me on the fact that we think you are a neat freak.

hey, now i don't feel so lonley. i thought i was the only one in the world without a dishwasher.
You know your MIL would hate me I RARELY make my bed!!! Who the fuck cares!!! We all saw pics of your house(the big ass bathroom i was insanely jealous of). Is it that hard to ask for toilet paper? Oh, and tissue's I do not keep tissues in the bathroom, call me crazy, cheap or lazy, but use the toilet paper. Tissue's are in the other part of the house. You had dishes drying in the dishrack? I am sorry, but she sounds like a nut job!! Comparing others to you and S. is so unfair. I hope all works out with where you are at. Cabin is very rustic, you are not exagerating there. Your a real trooper!!!

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