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This Boy In Chains ( April 21, 2012)

Posted by Hurricane2 , 26 August 2012 · 7 views

This boy in chains
Trapped in a time and place
Far from here and now
Waits on his rescuer.

When they found the Larder empty
They filled it with stone and bones
Placed it on a raft to sail
To the middle of the lake so deep
They toppled the chest filled with crone
Into black waters to obscurity and quiet gail
So that time would never whisper what it keeps.

This boy in chains
Stands still and quiet
In a storm decades in rage
Waiting on decay to raise the stench.

When it reached the floor to lay on its back
A cloud rose, the disturbed sediment swirled
Into the sunlit blue, her face to heaven peers
She looked upon them with sadness and dismay
As every outstretched curl of wave did lack
The reach to show their wrong, their path unfurled.
She could only hide the Child's wounds and tears
In the cold waters, summer's storm, sunday's still and grey.

This boy in chains
who's only friend disappeared
On a rainy night
was left alone in their wilderness.

The house was abandonned, the door resounded hollow
The windows were empty without reflection
The only place of safe joy was now sorrow
A place where toys are relics of yesterdays marrow
We walked away kept looking at reminders
To remember, she told me upon my assertions
That they had vanished, No they fled from hurt and sorrow.

This boy in chains
Was caught in a sunfilled
Dungeon pulling wings
Off creatures that would take flight.

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