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Bad Form

Posted by bellachai , 05 May 2013 · 72 views

Some miracles can happen. My daughter and boyfriend went with my daughter's friend since the 3rd grade and her husband to a walk-a-thon for CAWS and the monster puppy got to go too. My daughter worked last night from 10pm till 6am babysitting an elderly wnoman who has dementia. So she was really tired but went anyway.

My daughter walked to me and hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. My mouth dropped and I was speechless. It is almost as if she read my blog from yesterday but I know she did not cuz she doesn't know the name of Pandys nor does she know what my sign-in or password is so it was a miracle and it is a welcomed blessing that I count it as such.

The monster puppy won the happiest dog award so my daughter got a hat and he got a bag of dog treats. He is really 8 years old, a labordoodle and 100 pounds of wonderful.

The day for me started on such a good start. It ended when they got home.

The boyfriend went fishing with my daughter's friend's husband at the same lake the walk at so the girls and dogs went on the walk. When they got home the boyfriend was telling us that he caught the husband in a couple of lies. I almost said it takes one to know one but I caught myself.

I asked the boyfriend if I had anymore money left (my AND money and arrears child support) It isn't much $300. but it is better than nothing. He once again looked right into my eyes and said "no there is not" then added after a few moments that yes there was a little cash but my daughter would need it for gas to get to work tonight.

When they got home I asked my daughter to account for what they spent. The money was for household items and gas money. She did and then told me they had some cash for gas and there was still $13.00 on my AND card. I looked at the. My daughter wanted to know why I was asking. I told her that I asked for $10.00 cash last Thursday when I went to the doctor's so I could go check out the new bakery for some homemade bread of some kind that is in town and if I did not see anything I wanted I was going to go to the library and get some magazines for my collaging (10cents per magazine is a great deal). I also had asked them to get me a charger for my personal use. I told them I did not get either yet I let them have some money to go do something like a date. My daughter was frugal on that and she only used about $30.00 yet at the same time they forgot to pay the monthly internet charge.

My daughter said she was sorry she was not trying to jip me she just forgot and her voice was raised a little. I told her that was fine I was not accusing her of ripping me off. It just was I got

that hug and kiss on the cheek must have been one of those rare moments.....that you know to hold onto because may never happen again (though i hope it does, i just know that feeling).

really sorry about the money stuff. :( not fair.....

i'm collaging too, working on a massive cork board sized one. it's very therapeutic.


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