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Time bomb

Posted by CountingStars , 08 September 2013 · 59 views

I was once told that our emotions all go in a glass, when we tell someone how we feel we are able to empty the glass a bit, but if you bottle up all your emotions your glass will become full and you cant control what or how much spills out.

We all have different capacity's, some have only small glasses, some have huge glasses and can contain their emotions for longer, but either way, once the glass is full anything could pour out.

I'm pretty sure my glass is full, i know I'm one of those people that can bottle up some very painful things, but after everything even my glass is full. I have so many things inside my glass that I dont want to share.

I know its only a matter of time before I explode and say things i'm not ready to share. I need to learn to express my feelings and share my emotions, but I physically cant, i'm starting to think maybe the only answer is to build a bigger glass, or to open up about the sexual assault, because thats filling up half my glass as it is.

I'm not ready, I need more time.

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