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Happy Independence Day

Posted by bellachai , 04 July 2013 · 135 views

Not that I am happy with all the scandals Americans and our leaders are involved with and it seems other countries are having their own scandals but regardless of them I live in a beautiful country and a beautiful state.

Independence day has a much more personal meanings to me today.

My daughter and her boyfriend left this morning for Rock Springs Wyoming, (a less beautiful place than Colorado) and won't be back until tomorrow night. So I have the freedom of silence and uncluttered home. When I wake up tomorrow morning the house will still be uncluttered. My daughter's boyfriend is a walking tornado and she is a whirlwind their junk just flying wherever. A weeks worth of dishes came out of their room yesterday. :rofl:

I am going to be forgetting for two days at least that they lost the Zune I got them (not a new one I could not afford it). Massive house search when they return is in order.

Even better is that now I have finally been approved for disability I will become financially independent of my mother very soon so some of her weird remarks to me, guilting me what a drain I am to her financially (which is a lie of course and it never was her money in the first place, it was my dads and he left her more than enough to be quite comfortable, besides when she is gone whatever I owe for any financial help will be subtracting from my share of their estate that I share with my sister) and perhaps she will stop playing the martyr so much. One can only hope.

I was going to tell me mother the good news when I was notified but she pissed me off on the phone that I decided I would waiting until I received all the arrears Social Security was going to send and I budgeted my now fixed income.

I cannot help but feel that had she not been physically, verbally and emotionally abusive mother and had not run off from her first marriage to my dad with the evil stepfather I would not be in the condition I am in now with my physical and mental health so God forgive me I am not sorry if she is suffering now a little. It is a far cry from the terror my sister and I suffered at the hands of her terrible choice in a second evil filthy husband only to go and remarry her good clean first husband my dad some 14 years later when my sister and I were robbed of a life without him in it much.

Oh yeah I almost forgot I am "happy" today. :balloon:

:music: Freedom, freedom , freedom!!!

Blessings to you all.

Jul 04 2013 11:54 PM
Oh my gawd...you have finally qualified for disability ?! I'm sooooo happy and relieved to hear that !!! It's going to make such a huge difference in your life to gain financial independence from your mother and to have some monetary security. How exciting for you ! :)

Also glad to hear daughter and boy-friend are out of the house for a couple of days. What a relief !! Rest up, enjoy the silence and take good care. :)

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