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Christmas as a Child...

Posted by TrudyC , 17 December 2010 · 68 views

I'm currently sitting here on my bed with my laptop. The rain is falling heavily outside, the wind blowing. I like looking out the window at the torrential weather, whilst inside is warm and calm. Listening to some soft music. Both my husband and puppy dog are sleeping soundly. It's a nice feeling...
I log into Pandy's to catch up with friends - it's been a while. Things around this time of year seem to get rather hectic for most people. While me, on the other hand, it tends to be an ordinary day...My husband comes from a life lived on the street as a child, standing on the outside looking in at families celebrating Christmas - seeing their joy and love, yet only feeling cold. When I was young? Before the abuse? I felt that joy and love. Mostly from my grandparents. It wasn't until I read the blog entry of a friend on here that made me reflect, I guess. My grandparents made Christmas special. The warmth and love I would feel (always) in their presence is one thing in this world I will always miss. I remember hearing somewhere that you can't capture special moments forever - no matter what Kodak tells you...But seriously, Christmas as a child is magical. I mourn the death of my grandparents - they were like real parents to me. But I guess, in a way that's even more personal, I mourn the death of my childhood after they left my life. My grandmother still visits me in my dreams - I hold onto her and don't want to let her go. Somehow it's like I know she's gone, but if I hold onto her, perhaps she will return. She always laughs softly and tells me she can't stay. :tear: Gosh, I miss that warmth...

Thank you for reading this...

I miss my grandmother too.

I am sorry for your loss.

Blessings to you.

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