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Poetry +trigger warning+

Posted by vakry , 02 December 2013 · 167 views

=Trigger WARNING=
At the park. Dead of Night. Over my Shoulder. Nothing there.
A feeling. Dark. On the edge of Thought. Beyond Reason. Not without Suspicion.
A vice in the Belly. A catch in Breath. A cold hard hand Gripping. A tear Slipping.
Me away. One Becomes Two. Two is One. Two Places at Once.
Heart wrenching. Stomach Turning. A Wretch. A Stop. And None.
Nuuuumb. Nails Digging. Let me FEEL! No. Stop!
Conflict biting. Hypocrisy. Lying. No use Denying.
Hollowed up inside. Inside out. Come out! No. Stop!
Real. Imaginary. Everywhere No where.
All too confusing.
It's not Real. It's a Nightmare. Paranoia. It's alll in your head.
Drinking. Teasing. Laughing. Hot Breath. Pressed. Sweaty Palm.
Cigarette still burning. Ash. Smoke. Whirlwind Chance.
Fun. It Never Lasts. Sting. Tear Streaks. Droplets on the empty bed.
Please. Not alone. Cannot stand..... No! STOP!
Let's try this again. Something's wrong with you.
Deep inside.
But let's not focus on that toooo-night.
Car bombs. Fishbowls. Baby, let's go.
No hiding. No use denying. Slipping.
On edge. Gripping. Biting.
Please stop fighting!
Pulled. Bullied. Yanked.
Never said no.
God, help me please!
Door stayed shut. Pillow biting.
Raw and scraping. Knees quit shaking.
Hair in the face. Disgust. Mistrust. Big Disgrace.
Disappointed. Should've known better.
Out too late. Friends you hate.
Hungover. Much too Young to be Doing this Boy!
Can't Say.
Locked up tight. Hiding out of mind.
Screaming Accusing.
Brother lay dying. All you do is party!
No where to run. No where to hide.
No where to escape this pain coming from the inside.
Just stop. Please.

powerful! thinking of you. well done! expressive. that is what is important.

thank you :)

Love this.  Keep up the writing.  It's amazing!!

thank you :) I can't do poetry very often. I think I'm on the verge of one. I heard words... it sounds crazy but that's where this one came from. I was thinking and words were just in my head. It was that way a while and then I wrote that. I hope I can do another. It's very therapeutic.

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