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Posted by missophelia , 19 January 2014 · 195 views

I have been trying to find the time to sit down and write.  About my experiences in the hospital.  About what has happened since I was discharged.  About the changes I am undergoing.  Those changes are many, and they are positive.
I have not had the time!
And, unbelievably, I have been taking things easy.  I just haven't had  the time.  I have been somewhat busy.  But I have also been trying to take better care of my self physically.  Resting more.  Sleeping in a little later.  Pacing my self.
I will say one thing.  About the job I lost.  It was partly because I was in the hospital.  But also mostly partly because the guy's girlfriend was just nasty and didn't like me.  Trust me, I am better off without the tension I received every time I saw her or even just worked out there, knowing how she really felt about me.
I have also sent both of them facebook messages, stating how I felt. And man, did that feel good!  After doing so, I can say that I can walk away from them and that job with no regrets.  Even though I have looming finanial shortage in my life, I am much better off without the negativity, lack of appreciation, and lack of support.
I have also found much support at my VA, and possibilities where work is concerned.  I guess reaching out is a good thing?
Anyway, I hope all is well with everyone, and that every one has a good night.
Blessed Be.

You sound as if you have obtained some peace of mind. A good thing.

With you (((Missophelia)))xx
Jan 19 2014 08:30 PM

I think I have obtained some kind of peace of mind.  Definitely a good thing.


And I do plan to blog on all that has happened with me.  Hopefully at some point this week.  :)

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This is a blog of my thoughts, my feelings, my happiness, my pain, my joy, my sorrow, all raw and real. I am not censoring my blog, so please take gentle care of your self.

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    Blog Warning

    This is a blog of my feelings, my emotions, my joys, my sorrows, my thoughts, my struggles as I heal. All raw and real. I am not censoring my blog, so please take gentle care of you.

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