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T misses appointment

Posted by Flannery , 21 April 2011 · 96 views

My T was at court today and missed my appointment. I am freaking out. I bundle everything up and hold it for this one hour and now she is not there. Where do I put it? I understand, raionally what's up, but emotionally, I am freaking out. I took my new anxiety med, Atavin, with two double shots of whisky to dull the panic. I am pissed because I bought a short sleeved Easter outfit and I want to SI and cannot now because I don't wanna do my legs. Hell.
Well, I'm supposed to see her in the morning but who knows what i'll be like then? Two really bad nightmares this week and one hard flashback. Hard time at the Psy too. Very depressed.

I am sorry your T could not meet you today. It was a very unfortunate scheduling conflict. It would upset me too. Is she normally dependable? I hope your T calls you soon to reschedule. If you want, I can sit with you until she gets back to you.

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