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Chronically weary

Posted by bellachai , 21 March 2013 · 128 views

I blew off two doctor's appointments this week. My hematologist this last Tuesday and internist yesterday. I also was supposed to go to the hospital lab before these appointment for blood work. I told my mother, my daughter and her boyfriend last week and again this last Monday.

No one offered to go with me nor have any of them asked how my appointments went or what the doctors said. Like am I still anemic, has any pehysical health issues changed any, have I developed any new problems, any medication changes, any more tests needed, when do I see them again, or are they going to send me to another Universe. Nothing nada zip!! No mention of any it. Just as if my health issues do not exist and neither do I. :bawling:/> :angry:/>

I have no one now who cares about me and my wellbeing. My family are only doing their duty cuz that is what good families do. It is a far cry from all the people who were in my life prior to my falling apart and becoming disabled physically, mentally and emotionally. Everyone has faded away.

:lol: Even that friend I haven't seen for 8 years who sought me out awhile back. Guess I scared her off good after she saw me since she hasn't called since when she said she would. Well I wasn't holding my breath. It would have been nice to have a friend again in real life.

I understand the concept of desensitization and logically I can understand the fading away, indifference and the lack concern and empathy but emotionally it breaks my heart cuz I know if the tables were turned I would not behave as they are right now ever. It is not who I am.

I am so weary of feeling so alone and being emotionally bewildered.

I have my cats and the wonderful people here.

Blessings to all

Makes you think sometimes. I use to live such a fast paced life, always busy, always too busy for anyone who didn't live in my house. Different perspectives really open eyes. What I am trying to say is.. I wish I had always been more like you in the sense that you wouldn't treat people like that.

Remarkable character trait. Be proud of that!
can relate ((((bella))))).

when you do manage to go to the appointments, i would like to know what they have to say. i care a lot.

family suck...we're lucky to have our cats.

love you. xx
Mar 21 2013 02:35 PM
I'm sorry my friend, and I can also relate. I understand how much it hurts.


I think what pink said is actually a good idea, let us know what your doctors have said. I also care a lot and would like to know.

family, and sometimes even "friends" really do suck. And we are lucky to have our fur babies (mine is my doggie!)

Love and hugs, my friend. :hug: :hug: :hug:
I am grateful for all of you and yes my cats. Thank you
Mar 22 2013 08:04 PM
I am so sorry the people in real life are turning their backs on you. I'm sorry especially about your old friend, because it sounds like you had at least some hope there.

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