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Posted by blueboots21 , 01 July 2013 · 222 views

How do you learn to love yourself?

To see your beauty?

How do you learn how to pick yourself up?

To have more confidence?

I have people telling me I'm beautiful and amazing but...how do I accept that when I, myself, don't completely believe it?

There's a guy in my life right now and he knows my situation and he believes that he can make me see myself like everyone else does. But do I lean on him? Do I accept him, knowing that we might not last, and know that if he steps away I could fall deeper than I am now..??

Please help...

What I'm going to suggest may sound crazy, but it kind of helped me. I had an art therapist ask me to make a collage of who I want to be or what I like in life....I was also to include a picture of myself before the abuse, or the youngest most innocent age possible.

So here I am cutting out these cool, beautiful, yellow, bright pictures of flowers, this wholesome looking woman, and many other things of what I want from life. It was all happy, and light.

This seemed so foreign to the dark, dreary, view I have of myself. Especially my thoughts of not being beautiful. Amazingly enough I realized that if I was wanting beauty then beauty was still within me.

This helped me see myself differently and then portray myself differently. I started reaching for things that were beautiful to fill my life. More sunshine, self care, new haircuts, different lighter makeup, different lighter clothes.....

I did benefit from those around me that thought I was beautiful, but I didn't become dependant upon them or their responses to make me feel beautiful. I found the beauty inside of me, and worked from inside out.

I'm not sure if this makes any sense or not. An art therapist would probably do a much better job.

I think we can all have very beautiful aspects of ourself. Find what your's is, and embrace it.

Good journey to you!
Jul 02 2013 07:09 AM
Thank you for the advice, Orchid. I really appreciate it :) I will have to try that

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