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i give up an i give in

Posted by stacyloo , 29 October 2012 · 93 views

tht is it i give up really ad enough cnt deal with this no longer my head is in bits dont know wether am coming or going no see a reason to live anymore

wat do i do path of suicide or path of trying to fight it cant deal with it all any longer

Oct 29 2012 01:40 PM
Fight this.
i no it is easy for us all to say this to you.
and i do realise how hard this is

but if you want to pm me or talk things through if that would make u feel better. or someone to talk to to distract you about anything . then please feel free , im open to talk :metoyou:

stay strong x
thanks hun x i just dont av the strengh anymore
There is always a reason to live my reason are my kids what is yours? think about it when you find it it will help you fight those thoughts i hope it helps iam here for you.
I know this dark place, too. I've known this dark, lonely place many times. Fight it. You are worth it. I would have never known what was waiting for me if I had not fought. My life is a complete 180 and yours can be, too.

I know it isn't easy. Sometimes there seems to be no hope left but, it's there and you have to look for it.

Start a log of your thoughts. What are you telling yourself throughout the day. Your thoughts will create your reality and what you feed, will grow. So please, try to think of the things that you are grateful for, for the good memories that you have had, for things that you like about the world. If you are open to it, it is about mind control.

You have the power to unlock change and your thoughts are the key. It is work but if you are gonna fight, why not do a little experiment? Does changing your thoughts actually work? It did for me.

Write affirmations and say them when you blow dry your hair. Catch yourself thinking something self-defeating and correct it, no matter how forced or how much you don't believe it. Before you know it, you will believe it.

Please do not think that I am not aware of that dreadfully sad place. Please do not think that I don't hear your desperation and pain. It is so personal and you have a very real reason to have such intense emotions. Finding a way to release them and not hold them in, will help. There's no one way. What worked for me may not appeal to you at all. You will find your way. I know it.

The world needs you. I don't want you to kill yourself. I want the bright light that you are to start shining brighter and brighter so that you can see that this life is not all about suffering.

Someday, you can be a shining example for others and you may be the very real and living example that helps someone else escape the depths of despair that you face now.

I hope you fight. You deserve to see what your life will become.

You have to look up to see a rainbow.
thanks hu i took wat u sed an worked with it sorry not been on for a while needed time feeling much better now i av my 15month old daughter to live for i thought i was losing her she nearly went into care but i pulled it together an won the court case now she in my full care am on medication an going for cbt to help with the changing the way u think x :metoyou: :hug:

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