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Voices from the past

Posted by Alive2Thrive , 04 November 2013 · 201 views

Hear the voices of my family when I tried to tell them what my ex was doing to me. "You brought this on yourself. You made your bed and now you have to lie in it. Some men just like rough sex, You got one of them. Now deal with it and stop complaining."
I turned to them. My mom, my grandparents. I went to them. I asked for their help and this is what I got. I was 2 months pregnant with my daughter. This was after the gang r*pes. I didn't tell them about those. I only told them that he was hurting me. They did the whole we told you he was no good. So this is all on you. I guess to them, I got what I deserved because I didn't listen to them. I was in love with him. When I left the state with him, he hadn't hurt me, yet. That happened after we moved away. I keep hearing it repeat over and over again, "I got what I deserved just because I didn't listen to them..."
I feel sick.  I wanted their help and they threw me to the wolves.  How could they do that? Why did they do that? They didn't believe me. They never believed me. I was a liar trying to get attention. They never thought that maybe what I was saying might be true even as a child. God I hate them almost as much as I hate him.

Your words knocked the wind out of me... my husband bruised me for the first time last month. We live near his parents and I went to my MIL that day, telling her how he was acting and what he did... she acted horrified in my presence, but once she came back from talking to him, all she had to say to me was how I need to stop thinking of myself and make my marriage work.


I don't know how people can behave this way- the abusers or the enablers.


I'm so sorry.

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