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Dancing breathlessly

Posted by bellachai , 17 May 2013 · 125 views

:tearsofjoy: :tearsofjoy: :tearsofjoy: :yahoo: :dancingbunny: :elefant: :puppy:

My 4 year fight has ended and I have won. Social Security Disability has been approved for me. Will be getting my settlement check going back to November 2010 mid June. My first monthly Social Security amount will be June 1st and it is an amount I can live on okay.

Thank you all for being here for me through this my biggest hurdle

Further good news: My children's father (my ex-husband)fell three years ago while working and blew out his knee. He had to sue Workmens Comp and that was settled out of court and he will be getting $91K which means he will be sending me a chunk of the arrears child support he still owes me ($20K+).

I hope today has been a good news day for everyone here as you deserve to have a day like mine in some wonderous way.

I have to stop dancing now or put on my oxygen or I might not live to see my freedom of living without help.

I am so happy for you!!! You so deserve it!!!


I also had a bit of good news today. :-)

Let us all be winners!
May 17 2013 08:23 PM
I am so happy for you. Finally some of the security you deserve. I don't know what else to say but I'm :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: dancing right with you.
thats wonderful news, so happy for you :yahoo:

:metoyou: :metoyou: :metoyou:
May 18 2013 04:22 AM
Woohoo!!! I am sooo happy for you, my friend! It is about time that you got taken care of the way you deserve to be!!

I know your fight for this was hard, and I'm so glad you were able to hang on to see it through. At least now your struggles with this are over. You can live ok, you can be comfortable, you can have all of the things you need, and maybe some that you want too.

And I am also dancing with you!!! :)

:hi5: :yay: :yahoo: :thumbsup: :banana: :balloon: :cool: :moo: :puppy: :dancingbunny: :elefant: :dancingpanda: :rofl:
hope you get hot water and everything fixed ASAP. still thinking of you. :)
May 19 2013 06:13 AM
That's great news! Finally something good! :)

SOOOOO pleased for you. You so deserve this! Great news!

So happy for you hun hugs :yahoo:

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