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how to ask for help?

Posted by bellaroo , 30 January 2013 · 112 views

i wish i could ask for help or even just to ask someone to talk or tell them how im feeling...I feel so isolated inside. Im so scared that if i ask someone to talk I will, Inconvience them or burden them or feel like im being needy/ clingy....WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME!!!!!!!!!! why the fuck cant i be normal like everyone else and why do i have to deal with the day to day shit. today I was hugged by a man with a red goatee (spelled it wrong) so I INSTANTLY paniced, luckily i packed my anxiety medication.....gahhhhhhhhh....i just hate this. i never know what to say as far as how im feeling towards a person or about something...the sad thing is I thought that everyone was like this and it was normal everyday thing for everyone...not just victims...

Then I realized I won't get paid till the fucking 18th...just great...FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK

i am isolated too.

remember, if you ask them....they can always say no. they have a choice. you won't know untl you ask.

sorry you are so stressed and triggered. i hope venting here helps you.

sending support.
so much easier said than done. Me asking for help is nearly impossible...i feel like im trying to climb mt everest...for me it is that much of a struggle. I know that their answer may be no...but that still doesnt effect me trying to ask...My voice was taken away from me when i was 6 years old and continued tll i was 15. I dont feel comfortable one bit asking someone for anything. I just dont know what to do I NEED to get to it out...but i cant, its as if someone has literally taken my voice box and i cant talk. i feel so pathetic!

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