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New Nightmare

Posted by Scars2009 , 10 August 2012 · 53 views

Last night I dreamed something different. Nothing like the other nightmares I have had in the past 4 years! Last night I dreamed that my attacker, the guy that rapped me was in my new home and was raping me again! But when he was done forcing his way with me, he then pulled out a knife and stabbed me repeatedly!! I kept screaming and fighting to get away! It was like every stab he did felt so real...It felt like no matter how hard I had fought he was winning. Kicking and screaming for help, it felt like no one was going to come and save me. Blood pouring from my body, feeling like my life was slipping away from me slowly. A dark cloud hazing over my body as I laid in my bed whimpering. Withering away from life it's self. It had felt so real. Like it had really happened. Tears rolling down my face, blood dripping down my arms, my neck, my chest, and my legs filling up my white sheets. Bloody nightmare that would not leave me. In my dream I rolled over in my bed hitting the floor, then crawled slowly towards my door out into the hall of my home. Darkness swollen me whole, I clasped down in the floor. Crying out for my dog Onie to come save me and then it hit me Onie was gone and was never coming back to me. Turning over I see him again with blood dripping off his hands and the knife he leans over me and whispers "Die B****" and pulls the knife high over his head and slams it down into my heart. And I wake up in a cold sweat screaming "NOO" Why! Why can't I ever go to sleep with out him haunting me in my sleep. It feels like it don;t matter if I move to a different town, it's like he is following me. I moved from Two Rivers to Manitowoc and he's their. I move back to TR and he is their. I move back to Manty and he is their. I can't ever get away from him. God please help me! I don't know what to do anymore!!!!!

I apologize if this is a repeat comment. I am so sorry you had this bad a nightmare. Please know it is not real. Your perp isn't really raping you anymore. Sending good thoughts and safe hugs if wanted.

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