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alone again... naturally

Posted by Clemsta , 16 January 2014 · 201 views

So... getting a little fed up
I've had so many therapists its silly.
Mainly because I always seem to get help and then they leave.
Anyways, I took and over dose last April, and even after that no one would help me.
No wonder i feel alone...
Get some help, which i have to pay for, but then she's being pretty unhelpful.
Making it all about her, and apparently I don't open up or talk about how i feel?!
So talking about my brother, and my family and how i feel about them isn't talking about how i feel?
aaaaaaaaaaaaaand to make it worse the therapist makes it about herself. 
Basically saying i MUST be angry at her, when really i'm completely indifferent to her.
I MUST be angry because she's pregnant and taking leave. for a month. big whoop
i know she's coming back.
I'm starting to think this kind of talking to someone isn't constructive.
She just critiques what i tell her, so i now naturally don't want to talk to her.
So i think I'm going to try a thing called EMDR, my brothers having it, and it seems to be helping him... so why not?
though, I'm so depressed i have no drive or energy to do anything other than stare at the TV screen.
Also surelly as a therapist, she should understand WHY i don't want to talk about certain events. seeing as one of them has only just come out in the last 2 months! so its fresh, its painful and i don't know how to deal with it, so yes i do avoid certain topics. But why criticize this?
you wait for someone to talk about it in their own time...
just so tired and sad all the time.
i have no one i can talk to about anything.
im miles away from home at Uni, and all i want to do is be at home with my mum.

Jan 16 2014 07:11 PM
Clemsta, I am sorry that you are feeling this way. I am actually quite depressed, myself. I just can't shake it off, no matter how hard I try. I just want you to know that if you need someone to talk to, I am here. You may PM me whenever you want. You are not alone. Safe hugs -Alexandra
Jan 16 2014 11:08 PM

If a therapist makes it about themselves, they are forgetting their training. It can be very hard to find a therapist who is a good fit for you. I finally found one, but I went through four who did not help first. You deserve help and support. You deserve a therapist who does not try to make you their therapist. 


Sending good thoughts. 

its hard because now shes being all weird and Fraudian and all that bullshit!

ive been in and out of counselling for 9 bloody years.

oh and to top it off, i called a lady today to try and get some emdr and she basically shut me down and wasnt helpful.

i sware they just dont care, i even took an overdose last year and they did fuck all after to support me, just chucked a tonne off pills at me and left me to swim alone!

my country sucks. they ignore those who really need help...

so fustrated right now and its just getting me down and down and im crying all the time.


okay rant over... for now lol

thanks guys, hope you are okay xx

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